English in Action - Die Zweite

76 students, the biggest group ever, were participating in the EIA (English in Action) oral A-Level preparation course from 22 to 25 May at our school last week. Senior teacher Larry, Teresa, Rory, Christian and Diane, all of them native speakers from Britain, encouraged us students to speak English only for this four-day course in a motivating and pleasant atmosphere.

The study units were very well organized and with the help of the English-speaking trainers we rehearsed and discussed all the relevant A-level topics in these few days. The learning units passed very quickly because they were very varied and informative. The communication with the trainers from EIA worked perfectly and everyone had fun talking, debating and learning new words and phrases. We were also able to contribute our own ideas and suggestions, which made it even better.

In summary, I can say that I have benefitted a lot from the course a lot and I already feel very well prepared for the oral exams. So, hopefully, we will all pass!